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Careers at Potter Anderson

We very much welcome and appreciate your interest in Potter Anderson. One of Delaware’s premier law firms, we enjoy a dynamic practice in a jurisdiction widely admired for the sophistication of its clientele and the quality of its courts. As one of the longest established, continuing law practices in the nation, we take great pride in our rich and illustrious history, but it is the promise of the future, nourished by our continuing tradition of excellence, that drives us. History has taught us that success in this profession requires a blend of talent, scholarship, diligence and credibility that can only be attained through commitment to the highest ethical standards.

The practice of law in Wilmington is truly unique. For more than 100 years, Delaware has been recognized as the nation’s corporate domicile of choice, and many major businesses from around the nation and the world, including most of the Fortune 500, are incorporated here. These entities are both governed by Delaware law and subject to its jurisdiction. They necessarily look to Delaware law and to Delaware lawyers for advice regarding issues of internal corporate governance and applicable fiduciary obligations in connection with a wide variety of transactions and for representation in litigation in our storied state and federal courts.

Our engagements frequently involve sophisticated, “bet-the-company” issues that garner national attention and result in precedents that are highly influential and closely followed by the business world. This allows us to provide our associates with challenging work. As a prominent regional firm, we also serve clients closer to home and our associates therefore have the opportunity to work with such clients directly and early on in their careers. Associates in each of our practice groups assume responsibility as quickly as their aptitude and experience permit, and they advance as rapidly as their demonstrated abilities allow. At the same time, we encourage them to take active roles in charitable and community activities and to provide pro bono legal services to help those in need.

It is truly extraordinary to find a practice of such sophistication and national prominence in a relatively small metropolitan area such as ours, where residents may also benefit from affordable housing, short commutes and genuine collegiality among members of the bar. Moreover, Wilmington offers numerous social and cultural activities, and its central location in the New York–Washington, D.C. corridor affords easy access to national attractions.

We encourage you to consider the career opportunities available at Potter Anderson and invite you to learn more about our firm.