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Denny Presents on Managing Cybersecurity Risk, Cloud-Related Security and Data Breaches

September 27, 2018

Bill Denny was a speaker on two panels during Lexpert’s full-day Managing Cybersecurity Risk program on September 27 in Toronto.

Denny’s first panel, titled “Security and the Cloud — Legal and Technical Considerations,” covered:

  • Understanding the technology of cloud computing
  • Understanding cloud/IoT exposures
  • Understanding and applying cloud security standards
  • Choosing the right cloud vendor
  • The GDPR and regulatory requirements

Denny’s second panel, titled “Managing a Data Breach,” covered:

  • Technical steps to identifying and containing the data breach
  • New legal requirements regarding mandatory data breach notification
  • Directors and management responsibility/liability
  • Creating an effective response and communication plan
  • Tales from the trenches — lessons learned from the famous data breaches/regulators

For more information, visit the program’s website.