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Partnering & Co-Counsel Resources

At Potter Anderson & Corroon, collaboration is our strong suit. Whether our client is an individual, a small to medium size company or a multinational conglomerate, we strive to achieve our client's goals with an innovative approach built on a mutual understanding of the client's expectations in terms of partnering.

We promote the client's involvement in decision-making by inquiring as to the role the client envisions for itself and the manner in which it expects the services we provide to be delivered. We seek to understand our clients' businesses, their objectives, and any fiscal or budgetary restrictions they may have. We assemble a team of seasoned attorneys and paralegals with excellent credentials and relevant subject matter expertise to partner with our clients.

The Potter Anderson team members seek to capitalize on, not reinvent, knowledge, work product and expertise that the client already possesses. In addition, the Potter Anderson team members organize processes for greater efficiency and speed, as well as look for ways to utilize technology and other resources to facilitate communication and collaboration with the client’s team members. To us, partnering is and always has been as much about knowing our clients as it is about listening to them.