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Experienced Lawyers

Periodically, Potter Anderson has a need for experienced lateral hires from Delaware and other states with excellent qualifications who can fill a particular need in one of our practice areas. Please click here to view our current lateral attorney opportunities.


Maintaining and growing the firm’s outstanding reputation among its law firm peers and clients means hiring and retaining lawyers who are interested in and committed to their professional development. To match this commitment, the firm provides lawyers with the guidance, intellectual challenges and hands-on responsibilities they need to become leading professionals in their chosen fields. Professional development is vital to the future success of the firm, and we are dedicated to keeping the firm an exciting and collegial environment in which each lawyer’s best strengths and talents can flourish.   

Our compensation and benefits compare favorably to those offered by other major firms in Wilmington, and the most prestigious firms in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and other large cities.

Why choose Delaware?

For more than 100 years, Delaware has been recognized as the nation’s corporate domicile of choice, and many major businesses from around the nation and the world, including a majority of the Fortune 500, are incorporated here. Those entities necessarily look to Delaware law and to Delaware lawyers for advice on a wide variety of transactions and for representation in complex corporate, bankruptcy and IP litigation in our storied state and federal courts, ensuring that our lawyers are always on the cutting edge of an ever-changing legal landscape.

MBT handshakeAlong with a dynamic and cutting-edge legal environment, Delaware boasts a small and unique bar that creates a rewarding and collaborative environment for the practice of law. There is an emphasis upon collegiality in the Delaware bar that may seem like a quaint throwback to an earlier time, but it actually is one of the key ingredients to the success of the system. In other jurisdictions, it may be unlikely that you will face your opposing counsel or your judge in other matters with any regularity. In Delaware, you are very likely to be working with your opposing counsel in another matter, and will routinely be before the same judges. Those relationships help to ensure that all parties cooperate to move the transaction or litigation forward in a reasonable and efficient manner.  Potter Anderson strongly encourages and supports associates’ efforts to strengthen their profile and relationships within the Bar.