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Interview Process

LAW SCHOOL Recruiting

Jess Montellese and Mathew Golden UPENN 2014Our summer program is key to the firm’s growth. We recruit by conducting individual interviews of second-year students from a number of law schools. For law schools where we do not recruit directly, we strongly encourage students to send us a resume for consideration.  

First-Year Candidates

While the majority of offers for Potter Anderson’s summer associate positions are extended to second-year students, each year a few first-year students may be considered for summer associate positions. Applications are accepted for first-year law students on or after December 1. Please click here to submit your cover letter, resume, law school transcript and undergraduate transcript.

Split Summers

Summer associates are strongly encouraged to work at Potter Anderson for an entire summer. However, the firm will consider requests for split summers with another law firm in another geographical area on a case-by-case basis.

Callback Interviews

Callback invitations are typically extended shortly after an initial interview arranged through the student's law school. The firm also conducts interviews for students who submit exceptional resumes outside of law schools' interview processes. During a callback interview, students will spend time meeting with partners and associates to allow both the candidate and the firm to learn more about each other.

Travel and Accommodations

Prospective summer associates requiring hotel and travel arrangements in connection with callback interviews should email for assistance. 

Summer Associate Program Offers

Offers will be made as soon as possible following callback interviews for summer associate positions with our firm.


Potter Anderson is committed to providing the highest level of comprehensive benefits to its associates and its compensation package is consistently competitive with law firms in larger cities. For summer 2023, summer associates will earn at least $3,365 per week. To see our complete benefit package, click here to view our NALP Employer Information form.

Associate Offers

At the conclusion of the summer program, Potter Anderson offers successful second-year candidates full-time associate positions with the firm upon their graduation from law school. First-year summer associates are not typically eligible to receive an offer for a full-time associate position until they have completed their second year of law school; however, they are eligible to receive an offer to return for a second summer with the firm.

How To Apply

To apply for a summer associate position, second-year law students should sign up for an interview through their law school. If we do not participate in your school's OCI process, please click here to submit your cover letter, resume, law school transcript and undergraduate transcript.