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Summer Associates

Potter Anderson seeks candidates with excellent academic achievements who demonstrate effective communication skills and professionalism. Our summer associate program plays the primary role in our recruitment of new, full-time associates and is designed to provide summer associates with a realistic view of what life is like as an associate with the firm. Summer associates are given challenging assignments from real cases, where they work hand in hand with the firm’s attorneys and staff. Another critical component of the summer program is to expose summer associates to our firm culture and life in Wilmington. To accomplish this goal, the summer program includes both social and community activities structured to provide summer associates with opportunities to get to know the attorneys at Potter Anderson and to learn about the Wilmington area and its many social and cultural attractions.

To recruit candidates for the summer associate program, we conduct individual interviews of second-year students at a number of law schools in an area extending roughly from Boston to North Carolina (On-Campus Interviews). We accept applications from second-year students at other law schools located throughout the nation. We also consider applications from exceptional first-year students. In addition, we participate annually in a number of legal job fairs, including the Delaware and Philadelphia Minority Job Fairs and the Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair. 

Candidates invited to visit the firm following a law school or other initial interview are reimbursed for their expenses, and applicants are notified promptly of the firm's decision after an interview at our offices in Wilmington.

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