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Potter Anderson Partner, Myron Steele, to Speak at The 2015 Executive Compensation Conference

May 5-6, 2015

New York, NY

This conference offers a valuable opportunity to engage in compensation discussions on assessing pay/performance relationships, balancing external expectations of good governance, investor perspectives and alignment with sound long-term business strategy.

When it comes to effective executive compensation programs, achieving and demonstrating pay for performance alignment is critical. But executive compensation is now much more complicated and new issues are constantly confronting chief executive officers, human resource professionals and members of compensation committees.

Attend this conference to:

ENGAGE in discussions on assessing pay/performance relationships, on peer group analysis, and balancing external expectations of good governance, investor outreach and alignment with business strategy

LEARN the latest in compensation developments, techniques and lasting principles for providing effective compensation to senior executives and communicating these principles in the Proxy and to investors

CONNECT with leading directors, senior human resource executives, C-suite officers and investors on practical guidance and actionable ideas for best practices in achieving and demonstrating the best and enduring executive compensation practices

Potter Anderson partner and former Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, Myron Steele, will participate in a panel discussion "This Year's Challenges for Executive Compensation Committees & Best Practices."

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