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Steele and Davey Address Migration From Chancery Court to 10b-5 Securities Class Actions

April 14, 2018

At the Symposium for Federal Judges on the Economics of Corporate & Securities Law in San Diego, partners Myron Steele and Brad Davey were on a panel titled “Changes in M&A Litigation.” The panel addressed the migration of cases from Delaware’s Chancery Court to 10b-5 securities class actions.

Steele is the former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware. Previously, he served as a judge of the Superior Court and a vice chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery. He has presided over major corporate litigation and LLC and limited partner governance disputes, and writes frequently on issues of corporate document interpretation and corporate governance.

Davey’s practice focuses primarily on business, corporate and alternative entities litigation in the Delaware Court of Chancery. He frequently advises directors, acquirers and financial advisors in connection with mergers and acquisition litigation.

The symposium was produced by the Law & Economics Center at George Mason University’s School of Law. This event focused on the latest developments in the evolution of securities markets, corporate finance and accounting, and trends in securities litigation. Participants also heard some of the nation’s leading corporate and securities law experts debate the evolving nature of securities law and litigation. For more information, visit the symposium website.