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Wasson Presents on Best Practices in Resolving a Civil Case

June 14, 2019

Litigation partner Jennifer Wasson was a panelist at the Delaware State Bar Association’s annual Bench and Bar Conference on June 14 in Wilmington, Del.

The panel, titled “Enduring Trials vs. Mastering Them: A Look at Best Practices in Resolving a Civil Case,” addressed a variety of topics, including:

  • How do you get your motion heard promptly by the Court?
  • What are the tried-and-true ways to prepare effectively for oral argument, including anticipating and responding to questions from the bench?
  • How do experienced litigators prepare for and take depositions to ready their case for trial?
  • What do juries (or judges) respond to during opening statements?
  • How do you give an effective closing argument?
  • How should you approach preparing for direct and cross-examination?
  • How should your trial strategies differ in jury and bench trials?
  • What are the key ethical rules you must keep in mind throughout the various stages of civil litigation?
  • What should judges do to manage civil cases and advance them to resolution?

Wasson focuses her practice on commercial, corporate and insurance litigation in Delaware state and federal courts. She is a leading contributor to Potter Anderson’s well-known insurance coverage practice, where she represents corporate policyholders in complex insurance litigation involving general and professional liability, property, and D&O policies, among other types of coverage.

For more information about the panel and the Bench and Bar Conference, visit the DSBA’s website.