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2023 Amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law: A Summary

Business Law Today
September 15, 2023, Pamela L. Millard and Alexander DiRienzo

The Governor of Delaware has signed into law amendments to the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the “DGCL”) proposed by the Delaware State Bar Association and subsequently approved by the Delaware legislature. A number of provisions of the DGCL are affected, and the legislation addresses several significant topics, including simplifying the procedures required to ratify a defective corporate act because of a failure of authorization and simplifying the required contents of a certificate of validation under Section 204 of the DGCL; clarifying the record date for identifying which stockholders are entitled to notice of stockholder action via written consent; modifying the need for or reducing the minimum stockholder vote required for charter amendments effecting forward stock splits, reverse stock splits, and changes in the number of authorized shares of a class of stock; providing appraisal rights in connection with a transfer; continuance or domestication of a Delaware corporation to a non-U.S. entity; and creating a safe harbor in which stockholder approval would not be required for a mortgage or pledge of assets.

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