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Breaking-Up the Code: A Method for Calculating Break-Up Fees in Value Decreasing Transactions

Norton Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law
November, 2018, R. Stephen McNeill and D. Ryan Slaugh

In a recent decision from the Energy Future Holdings bankruptcy proceeding, Judge Sontchi, of the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, granted a motion for reconsideration, stripping a stalking horse purchaser of its previously approved $275 million termination fee. While the process utilized in reaching this decision was certainly unorthodox, an analysis of the historical underpinnings of break-up fees, under both Delaware and bankruptcy law, reveals that Judge Sontchi reached the proper decision on the merits. After discussing the historical rationale behind the allowance of break-up fees, this article will briefly discuss Judge Sontchi’s decision before proposing a methodology for analyzing break-up fees in bankruptcy transactions. With that methodology in place, the article concludes with a recommended practical approach to limit break-up fees where the successful bid generates less value to the estate than the original stalking horse bid.

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